Achieving Oneness with 5 Elements through 5EB

The five elements (air, water, space, fire, and earth) are constant companions in our three-dimensional reality and represent the grounding aspects of our personality. The entire Shrishti (Universe) is through these five elements and by using them, we connect with everything and yet remain unique. When breathwork is combined with the five elements, it becomes a very powerful, experience of transformation. During 5 Elements Breathwork, we take in the energy
of the elements that helps to open specific blockages and brings alignment.

Fire is related to the Manipura chakra and is a great tool for removing negatives like addiction, depression, EEP, past life karmas, anger, bad habits and may even impact initial stages of cancer. On practicing Breathwork with fire, it helps to remove, from the self, whatever is not serving one anymore.

The Earth element has nurturing energy and is associated with the Mooladhara chakra. Breathwork with this element is related to the sense of security, grounding, spiritual development, improvement in meditation and also abundance.

Water is associated with Swadishthana chakra. If one wants to build or create or attract something then one should do more Breathwork in water. It can help a lot with emotions, relationships (money and people), lack of love or feeling of rejection, health issues, and birth

The air element is connected with the Anahata chakra. 5 Elements Breathwork practice begins with this primary element. It corrects and balances all the 5 pranas over time. Practicing Breathwork with air can even remove past life karmas.

Space corresponds with the Vishuddhi chakra. This element is very important for spiritual awakening. Doing breathwork in space has gravitational pull which supports Sushumna Nadi in getting activated and helps kundalini rising. Practicing Breathwork with space element can also cure a lack of trust by creating love and a great connection

with the creator. This establishes, in the person, the feeling that he or she is taken care of. It even improves creativity; concentration and enhances mental faculties.

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