Did you know that we have five types of invisible breath forces in our body? Yes, we do, and they are Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana. Among them, the Prana is the most important one. All these forces are powerful and when they are out of control cause all kinds of disturbances in the mind, which eventually binds us to the Matrix (Maya).

Our ancient Rishis intelligently depicted these five forces in the form of a huge serpent having five hoods, the middle hood representing the main breath force, the Prana, and the other four hoods representing Apana, Vyana, Samana and Udana. To convey this profound message of controlling and taming the breath, Lord Krishna connected with Kaalinga Narthana. This is where Krishna dances on the five hoods of Kaalinga and gets the mighty serpent to surrender to Him. Here, the Serpent represents the breath forces.
Therefore, the Kaalinga Narthana by Lord Krishna has a great mystical meaning, which enables the seeker to realize the power and the importance of breathwork and breath control.

Moreover, In Sanskrit, Kalu means Breath, Linga means Nostril (it is in shape of the Linga). Thefore, kalu+linga or Kaalinga means the breath and the inhaling & exhaling is referred as the dance, Hence the name Kalinga Narthana.

All healing originally resides in the Human Breathing System.”
~ Rudolph Steiner

We are marvelous beings, who came into physical existence as extensions of our Creator whom we call God/Source/Tao/All – That – Is and by many other names. The Source is in a non-physical state and we are the physical extensions of the non- physical Source. We are not just the physical bodies that we identify ourselves with. We are Souls dwelling in our physical bodies for this earthly experience. We are not bodies having Souls, but Souls manifesting in physical bodies that serve as vehicles for our Souls to navigate in three-dimensional reality. We incarnate many times on earth, evolving with each lifetime until eventually we become one with our Creator. Throughout all our lifetimes, we have one very intimate companion – our Breath! From the first breath we take immediately after birth, to the last before we make the transition into the life-between – lives state – our breath remains one of the most powerful connecting links between body, mind, emotions and inner-self. Since ancient times, Spiritual Masters have
emphasized the importance of Breath. Unfortunately, in the present day, Breath is taken for granted. Most
of us are not even aware that we breathe and we do not make any conscious attempt to become aware of
our Breath.

Our Breath is our connection to the Life-Force that pervades the whole Universe. Breath is the bridge
between – the visible and the invisible, the physical and the non-physical, the infinite and the finite, the
eternal and the transitory. Our invisible source is eternal – ever young and healthy. Our visible body is
always rejuvenating, purifying, and is an expression of the infinite, invisible source. Intuitive breathing
constantly merges our body with its life-giving and life-renewing Source. Breathing is the basic source of
health to the body. Breathing is our primary source of nourishment and elimination of everything unwanted:
be they unwanted toxins, unwanted thoughts or undesirable emotions. Intuitive energy breathing is a skill
that most people can learn easily.

Intuitive energy breathing is the ability to breathe energy as well as air. It is perhaps the most valuable selfhealing ability. This involves breathing in a gentle, relaxed rhythm in an intuitive way that floods the body
with energy. This beautiful energy cleanses and nourishes the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

All the traumatic memories from the past (including those from past-lives) stored at a deep subconscious
level are reflected in the way we breathe. For example, people who have fearful and painful emotions and memories are shallow breathers. Our breath has the energy – signatures of past memories. Through Intuitive
Energy Breathing Practices, one can reach a deeper level of awareness where past-life memories can be
understood, processed, resolved, released, transformed and completely healed.

In this workshop on “Rebirthing – Breathwork”, you will learn many Intuitive Energy Breathing Practices
that will help regain joy in life. These practices are presented in this manual designed for the “RebirthingBreathwork” workshop.

To Breathe with full awareness is miraculous way to untie the knots of regret  and anxiety and to be in touch with life in the present moment.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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